New Motor Installation

New motor installation for your garage door

If you are still stuck with those old manual labour garage doors of yours’ that get soaked up in water and rain, you need a very good automated garage door that will make it easier for car to be parked inside your garage. Here are some tips to what you could do if you are doing a first time automation for your garage door. Selecting the correct machine of your choice is not an easy thing to do. In case you are installing a new garage door, selecting the operator might not be problem as the automation option is available. Does some research before choosing a garage door company? A Kent new motor installation is required.

You have to choose the right motor for the garage door type. It could be horizontal sectional or both vertical tracks. There are canopy type vertical tracks with a wooden door frame that will open out. This could be fitted in with the automation. In order to provide maximum safety, automated garage doors will be best for you. If you include automation into your door, it will reverse the garage door if it senses any object or obstacle in the middle.

Consumption of electricity is yet another factor. It takes only 15 seconds in average for you automated door to open. You must know how much electricity is being used for this time, when the motor is in a standby. Double check, whether it is run DC motor or AC motor. Garage door repair is required if there is a need of emergency release.